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We love jobs in Seven Hills. Especially pool fencing in Seven Hills. The owner of the business lives and has a home office in Seven Hills. This is another situation where the customer wanted frameless glass pool fencing but due to the paver and sand and gravel base Semi frameless glass was the most feasible

Frameless glass pool fencing was the fence of choice for this customer but the pavers are laid on sand and gravel. The cost of putting concrete pads underneath each panel was to much so they opted for a semi frameless glass fence instead. We use aluminium posts in our semi frameless system and they can

Sydwest Fencing is one of the largest glass pool fence installation companies in Sydney. This Job in particular was a semi frameless glass pool fence installed in the Sydney suburb of Dean Park. Most of the job is a glass pool fence but there is a small area where the flat top pool fencing was

semi frameless glass pool fencing Sydney

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Some of our biggest pool fencing jobs that we do in Sydney are in the suburb of Silverdale. You can pretty much guarantee that a pool fence in Silverdale is going to be a 3 or 4 sided pool fence. Having so many metres means that the price of pool fencing in this area can

This is another very large pool fence installation. It is all on concrete so we needed to core drill every spigot. This is the m most common method of fixing glass pool fences. Its also the sturdiest. Having the support of a solid concrete slab ensures the pool fence will remain strong and sturdy for

Another frameless glass pool fence installed by Sydwest Fencing. This one was installed in the Sydney Suburb of Gregory Hills. The customer opted for round mirror finish stainless steel spigots for this job. Its only a small space so the customer was very satisfied how the space didn’t feel smaller once we had fenced it

Semi frameless glass pool fence with 10mm clear toughened glass. precious silver pearl posts. This Job was installed in Castle Hill, NSW 2154

This job really put a smile on the customers face. She didn’t want to pour a concrete slab to lay the pavers onto as this was blowing the budget out so we set all our posts before the pavers were laid. The semi frameless glass posts are concreted 900mm in ground ensuring the posts won’t

Semi frameless glass pool fence

This pool fence was a little more challenging then normal. A custom panel was required near the house to nullify a foot hold caused by a tap. Also we needed to pack between the joists of the deck to strengthen the posts. There is a 200mm step in the garden area where the retaining wall

Sydwest Fencing was hired by Bottlemart and Glenquarie Tavern to install a Semi frameless glass fence in the drive thru