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Large frameless glass pool fence installed in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill.

This job was a very large frameless glass pool fence. There is 39m all up including 2 x gates with Polaris slow close hinges. Sydwest Fencing specialises in larger pool areas. Most pool fences in Castle Hill are 25m plus. These are the types of pool fencing jobs I specialise in. The customer got an

This was is a large frameless glass pool fence we installed earlier this year. We welded extensions onto the mirror finish stainless steel spigots then we core drilled into a concrete slab. We left a 150mm gap between the slab and the bottom of the glass to leave room for the deck. This is the

The client was very happy with this job. Originally he called me out only to do the glass pool fence but he was happy to know I could help him out with the glass balustrades and the internal stairwell as well. The customer requested round mirror finish spigots for this job. They too asked for

Semi frameless glass pool fence with 10mm clear toughened glass. precious silver pearl posts. This Job was installed in Castle Hill, NSW 2154

This job really put a smile on the customers face. She didn’t want to pour a concrete slab to lay the pavers onto as this was blowing the budget out so we set all our posts before the pavers were laid. The semi frameless glass posts are concreted 900mm in ground ensuring the posts won’t