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Semi Frameless Glass

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing 

Semi frameless glass pool fencing uses vertical powder coated aluminium posts to support the glass panels and gate. There are no horizontal members to distract away from the clean, tasteful design. If its a modern glass fence that you need at a fraction of the cost of a frameless glass fence than the semi is for you.

Semi frameless glass pool fencing can also be installed when a concrete slab or footing is not present. In this situation we concrete our posts 900mm inground which is un heard of in the industry. This ensures a solid pool fence for years to come. Most other fencing companies only concrete their posts 600mm inground but due to the weight and the large surface area of the glass its only a matter of time before the structure is weakened. Our concrete holes get larger at the bottom which anchors the pool fence in the surrounding earth.

We have two types of semi frameless posts available. 50mm round and 50x50 square. Posts are stocked in colours precious silver pearl and black. ther colours can be ordered but cost a little bit more and can extend the installation date as we wait for the posts to be powder coated. All posts have powder coated caps and core base cover plates to cover core holes for a neat finish.

Our Semi frameless glass is 10mm thick toughened and panels are stocked at 50mm intervals. Some rival companies only use 8mm glass and I have even stumbled across 6mm thick glass which is not up to standard. Our standard range of gates are 8mm thick due to the closing force and the weight of the gate.

If you live in Sydney and want an honest quote for your semi frameless glass pool fence we would love to hear from you.