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semi frameless glass pool fencing Sydney

Some of our biggest pool fencing jobs that we do in Sydney are in the suburb of Silverdale. You can pretty much guarantee that a pool fence in Silverdale is going to be a 3 or 4 sided pool fence. Having so many metres means that the price of pool fencing in this area can quickly add up. A cost effective resolution is to have half glass fencing and half flat top pool fencing.

Semi frameless glass pool fencing is more cost effective than frameless glass pool fencing. The savings come from the spigots that are not used. 1 powder coated aluminium post is cheaper than 1 stainless steel 2205 duplex stainless steel spigot. You only need 1 aluminium post per semi frameless sheet of glass although with the frameless design you need 2 spigots per sheet of frameless glass. Also 12mm thick glass is used for the frameless glass pool fences but only 10mm thick glass is used for the semi frameless design so you save some dollars here as well.

Aesthetically the semi frameless design doesn’t look cheap. It is on the pocket though compared to frameless glass pool fencing.

Most aluminium flat top pool fences are powder coated in colour black, although this customer opted for a very natural colour called Woodland Grey. Woodland Grey is becoming more and more popular. Its not stocked in high volumes just yet so it does cost a little bit more.

Black aluminium flat top panels are powder coated by the hundreds hence the price difference.

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