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Large Frameless glass Pool fence installed in Sydney at Castle Hill 2154

by / Sunday, 11 January 2015 / Published in Frameless Pool Fencing
Large frameless glass pool fence installed in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill.

This job was a very large frameless glass pool fence. There is 39m all up including 2 x gates with Polaris slow close hinges.

Sydwest Fencing specialises in larger pool areas. Most pool fences in Castle Hill are 25m plus. These are the types of pool fencing jobs I specialise in. The customer got an absolute bargain on this job due to the overall meterage.

This customer opted for the mirror finish 2205 duplex type stainless steel spigots. The round mirror finish spigots are the most popular type of spigot.

Part of the job was a balustrade installed on a deck. We reinforced between the joists then attached the spigots and topped it off with a mirror finish stainless steel polished hand rail.

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