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Glass pool fence in Maroubra. Sydwest fencing specialises in glass pool fencing all over Sydney.

by / Thursday, 15 January 2015 / Published in Frameless Pool Fencing, Swimming Pool Fencing

This job was a big one. It was 40m of glass fencing all up. Consisting of an upstairs channel fixed balustrade with a top rail. A downstairs Spigot fixed balustrade with custom raked sheets of glass down a stairway fixed using stand off pins, and 25m of frameless Glass pool fencing with 2 gates.

Over 10 years, Sydwest Fencing has obtained a high reputation in Maroubra and the surrounding areas. A lot of our work comes from Hans Schoots from Eastern Suburbs Landscapes. Hans has been recommending our services since our first job.
This featured glass pool fence was also through a recommendation by Hans. Most of my pool fencing jobs come through recommendations through pool builders and landscapers.

Due to the salt spray in the area, my recommendation was to apply a glass protective coating on all of the glass panels. We choose to apply Enduroshield glass protective coatings mainly because of the 10 year warranty it comes with when applied by a licensed applicator.

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