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Flat Top

Flat Top Pool Fencing 

Flat top pool fencing is the most cost effective type of pool fencing. It is still the most commonly used type of pool fence in Sydney especially suited to existing or older style pool areas. It is strong and very effective at keeping kids and pets out of the pool area.

It can be installed in all situations and is completely versatile. Custom raked or cut out panels can be made to size to get around any obstacles to ensure compliancy.

Posts, panels and gates are stocked in colour black and primrose but other colours are available. Aluminium is the most commonly used material for pool fencing and ensures protection from rusting for years to come. Aluminium can corrode however in the form of oxidisation which can lead to surfaces becoming chalky and the powder coating will chip off. To overcome this our panels undergo a pretreatment stage known as chromate conversion which neutralises the aluminium and stops it from oxidising. It also has etching properties to ensure a secure bond for years to come when the powder coating is applied.

We only use the most recognised and trusted brand of fittings on our gates. The Laurie Lawrence endorsed MagnaLatch and spring hinges from D&D technologies.

If you live in Sydney and want an honest quote for your semi frameless glass pool fence we would love to hear from you.